Benefits of Green Tea in Your Daily Diet

NYC NutritionistI can’t emphasize enough the importance of adding green tea into your daily diet. You may ask why and exclaim that the taste of green tea turns you off!

First, I will explain the importance of adding green to your daily diet:

1) Green tea is a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger

2) It contains green tea chatechins which are are responsible for boosting your metabolism and assisting in weight loss.

3) It contains the amino acid theanine which is a powerful mood stabilizer/relaxer

4) It protects the ovaries in women from free radical damage

5) It will boost your energy level

How do you ingest green tea to obtain some or all of these benefits?

Here’s how very simply, whether you pick a caffeinated or a decaffeinated version. You can take it as a supplement in a capsule form or as a green tea extract in a liquid form. You can also drink green tea daily, but you would need to drink the equivalent of about 15 cups of tea daily to experience the benefits listed above.

If you don’t like the taste of green tea, but wish to obtain the benefits, I would look into obtaining a green tea supplement from your local health food store. You will begin to feel the benefits within 5-10 days, of taking the supplement. I would follow the dosing instructions on the bottle.
Typically the dosage for the Liquid Green tea extract is 1-2 drops in 6 oz of water daily.

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Image by Dano