Benefits of Working with a Nutritionist for Weight Loss

Nutritionist Weight LossWhen you seem to be yoyo dieting and not getting to your weight loss goal, or you are losing weight and then gaining it back faster than you put it on, it’s time for professional help.

There are several ways to approach the problem.

1) Try a commercialized diet plan like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or Nutrisystem

2) Go to a “Diet Doctor” and receive some sort of pills, or shakes that work when you are taking them.

3) Consult with a nutritionist

Here are the pros and cons of each of the above:

Diet Plans

PROS: They can be very flexible and adapted to many lifestyles, and some of them have pre-packaged foods as part of the program.

CONS: The commercialized diet plans are not tracked and supervised on a weekly basis.  They can be, if you set up meetings, but they are basically self monitored so if you are not losing weight, you might stop following the plan for lack of motivation.

Diet Doctors

PROS: This method can provide some people with a sense of “security” because the regiment is administered by a doctor, and sometimes, the doctor will perform blood tests to see what the underlying issue are.

CONS: Going to a diet doctor can be a quick fix.  Often, you will be given a calorie restricted meal plan along with pills and shakes or, sometimes, an injection.  All of which work during the course of the regiment and stop working when you stop taking the prescribed products.


PROS: Consulting with a nutritionist can be the best solution. A nutritionist will plan out and customize an appropriate meal plan based on your lifestyle, your height, weight, age and your activity level. This method will also provide careful and regular supervision, coaching, and motivation for the client to stay on course with their meal plan and encouragement when they need it.  Nutritionists will take your food allergies, preferences, and family history into consideration. For long term results, working with a nutritionist is the best solution.

CONS: No short cuts.  Only sustainable, long term results.

If you would like info on how a nutritionist can help you meet your weight loss goals, contact NYC Nutritionist, Carly Feigan.

Image by syvwlch