Healthy Alternatives to Holiday Treats

NYC NutritionistWhen we think of the holidays, we may not have visions of sugar plums in our heads, but we’re certainly thinking about our family’s own favorite recipes – be it a slice of pecan pie, a glass of eggnog, or sugar cookies with frosting.

It’s perfectly natural to indulge in one festive, high-calorie treat this holiday season, but you know it’s all too easy for that one dessert to spill over into uncontrollable feasting. Therefore, it’s best to surround yourself with holiday treats that are healthy.

Here are a few suggestions.

Holiday Drinks

Instead of Eggnog (343 Calories, 19 Grams of Fat Per Glass),

Try… Hot Chocolate (60 Calories, 1 Gram of Fat Per Packet).

Instead of a White Russian (412 Calories, 17 Grams of Fat Per 6 oz Serving),

Try… a “Light” Russian made with fat-free milk (225 Calories, 0 Grams of Fat Per Serving).

Festive Appetizers

Instead of Cheese and Crackers (306 Calories, 16 Grams of Fat for 2 oz of cheese and 5 crackers),

Try… Shrimp Cocktail (51 Calories, 0.4 Grams of Fat for 5 shrimp with sauce).

Instead of Artichoke Dip (100 Calories, 8 Grams of Fat for 2 Tablespoons),

Try… Turkey Meatballs in Hawaiian Sauce (65 Calories, 1.4 Grams of Fat Per Serving).

Christmassy Sides

Instead of Green Bean Casserole (309 Calories, 24.7 Grams of Fat Per Cup),

Try… Grilled Asparagus Spears (84 Calories, 5.4 Grams of Fat / 6 Spears).

Instead of Scalloped Potatoes (214 Calories, 9.8 Grams of Fat Per Cup),

Try… Mashed Potatoes (109 Calories, 0.2 Grams of Fat Per Cup).

December 25th Main Dishes

Instead of Honey-Glazed Ham (283 Calories, 18.3 Grams of Fat, 1,250 Mg Sodium Per 5 Oz Serving),

Try… Beef Sirloin (274 Calories, 10.4 Grams of Fat, 120 Mg Sodium Per 5 Oz Serving).

Santa’s Sinful Desserts

Instead of Pecan Pie (676 Calories, 40 Grams of Fat, 39.4 Grams of Sugar),

Try… Pumpkin Pie (161 Calories, 4.8 Grams of Fat, 15.2 Grams of Sugar).

Cut out the calories, without losing any flavor this holiday season!

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