5 Effective Ways to Curb Sugar Cravings That Really Work

When people crave sugar, they tend to reach for simple carbs like candy, cookies, or ice cream. If you swap those empty calories for high nutrient dense snacks, they will stop your sugar cravings in its tracks. The best thing to do is manage your sugar cravings efficiently rather than try to make them go away.

Here are some examples. This is not a one- size fits all approach. You can try one or two of the suggestions below until you find the one that works best for you.


1) Eat your favorite fruit. Although fruit is high in fructose, it has fiber and many other healthy nutrients and will usually quell your desire for sugar. Examples of low sugar, high fiber fruits are, apples, berries, melons, etc. If you desire fruit that is sweeter, bananas, grapes, mangoes should hit the spot.


2) Another satisfying snack that should satisfy your sweet tooth is dark chocolate. Chocolate can be healthy or unhealthy. The percentage of cacao determines how much sugar is in the chocolate bar. A chocolate bar with 80% cacao content or higher is typically lower in sugar.

So when looking for a healthy alternative to a milk chocolate bar, choose wisely and try a slightly sweet, higher in fat, dark chocolate bar and I promise you will not need much to feel satiated


3) Chewing Gum can be a great way to curb sugar cravings. Especially gum that is sweetened with a natural sweetener called Xylitol. Xylitol is a plant based sweetener found in dental products. It has a dual purpose of removing plaque from your teeth, and providing a wonderful sweetener for gum. You will find this at your local health food store. If you cannot locate Xylitol sweetened gum, then chewing sugar free gum can provide a lasting benefit and curb sugar cravings.


4) Finding the right snack bar can curb those cravings..Eating a snack bar between meals is an excellent way to curb sugar cravings. There are many snack bars on the market but many of them are loaded with sugar. I will list a few that have less sugar, and are slightly higher in fiber or healthy fat.

Chia Bars, Kind bars( 5 gms of sugar or less).

Nugo Slim Bars ( mostly dark chocolate).


5) Eat Yogurt. Yogurt makes for a satisfying and delicious mid morning or mid afternoon snack. It is packed with probiotics and calcium.  If you go with a 2% or a low fat yogurt rather than non-fat, you will feel satisfied longer.

There are many reasons why people get sugar cravings. Sometimes your blood sugar will drop because you have waited too long between meals, in which case you will crave something sweet to balance your blood sugar

Eat frequently throughout the day and try swapping out the junk food for one or two of the healthy snacks above..

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