Head To Health NYC Weight Loss Program Results

Carly changed my life!

I have been struggling with my weight all my life. I was in a continual cycle of gain and lose. When I hit a new high for my weight, I reached out to Carly, and she changed my life. She taught me a new way to look at food, and how to construct a healthy meal plan. She even clued me in to healthy snacks, including chocolate! I started off wanted to lose 20 pounds but ended up losing 40 pounds. That was 8 years ago. I have worked with Carly on and off over the years for a tune-up when I see my eating habits getting wonky, and she is always able to get me back on track.

Sharon Lowenheim


I worked with Carly on two occasions and I always reached my goal. I was never hungry and she helped me to stay focused.

Edith Fehrenbacher

Changed My Life

Until I met Carly I knew absolutely nothing about nutrition or how to plan a healthy meal that would satisfy me while losing or maintaining weight. Over 90 weeks ago I lost 20lbs and have kept it off, thanks to working with and learning from Carly. I have recommended her to all my friends and those that have engaged with her have been equally, if not more successful. Weather you want to lose weight for health reasons or just to feel better, Carly can help you. As they say, “a little information is power” she will give you the power.



Amy Rosenberg of the LA Times says

“What an excellent return on the investment!”

Candace Stoll says
“I lost 15 lbs in 6 weeks and kept the weight off without counting calories. I ate 6 times a day and never measured anything… wow!”


Jim Rohn, a personal trainer at LAFitness, says
“If you’ve tried all the rest, now try the best! What a terrific program. It changed my life and my metabolism forever — thank you!”

Rachel Braunner says
“I volunteered to take the Head To Health program; I figured I had nothing to lose. What a great surprise — I lost 18 lbs. in the 6 weeks and kept 16 lbs. off since last year.”

Beatrice Romulus, Spafinder consultant, says
“I have tried different programs and have never seen results. I tried Head To Health and lost 16 lbs. and kept it off even during the holiday season!”

Amanda O., Says

Working with Carly has been a fantastic experience, she instills a strong sense of discipline and simplicity in her program so that you walk away not only with results but the knowledge of how to maintain a healthier lifestyle. There’s no magic pills, no torturous juice fasts, no expensive meal deliveries just an easy to follow plan that works with your lifestyle. 

Carly is very easy to work with and makes herself available to you between appointments for questions and general support.  She has helped me maintain a clean, healthy diet, and reach my weight loss goals. 

Thanks again for all of your help.

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