Lyme Literate Nutritionist

If you have Lyme disease or any of the co-infections associated with Lyme disease you want to eat foods that support your healing and recovery process.  Optimal nutrition is a critical part of healing with Lyme disease. These foods are anti-inflammatory, low carbohydrate, iron rich,and contain adequate amounts of protein.

We create meal plans that are as individualized as your diagnosis.

Plan Includes:

1 hour session 

1 hour session includes – We will asses your condition, go over any bloodwork that you provide for Lyme and co-infections.

Two- 30 minute follow up sessions

30 Minute follow up sessions include-

-Discussion of Week 1 meal plan.

-Revision of meal plan.

-Discussion about symptoms.

Assess your dietary restrictions if any.

Customize a meal plan based on your diagnosis, your height, weight, age and activity level.

You will leave with an easy-to-follow meal plan and a food symptom diary.