7 Benefits of Eating Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fresh Fruits and VegetablesThe health benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables far outweigh the reasons to consume them in any other form such as juices or canned.  As an NYC nutritionist, I help my patients incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into their diet.

Here are 7 benefits of eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

  1. You will get 10-20 times more fiber in your diet without really trying
  2. All of the nutrients are only available in their natural form — the nutrients are added in all other forms
  3. You will be consuming a lot less sugar and salt if you eat the real thing.
  4. You will experience more energy, and you will get full faster
  5. You will not spike your blood sugar nearly as high as you would with fruit juice or vegetable juice
  6. You won’t consume as much sodium
  7. Children will get about 10x less cavities, if they only consume fresh fruit and vegetables

So you choose — which would you prefer?  Fresh fruit and vegetables? Or canned?  Or juice?

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will provide you with more of the nutrients needed to provide you with energy, healthy immune function, and digestive regularity.

Contact Carly to learn more about which fresh fruits and vegetable contain the least amount of sugar.

Image by keepwaddling1