Best Fat Burning Foods

NYC NutritionistOne of the questions we commonly hear at our NYC nutritionist office is, “What are the best fat burning foods?” Unfortunately, there is no magic food that will melt the fat away while you sit on the couch watching Law & Order. However, there are certain foods that seem to inspire a chemical reaction in the body to promote weight loss. They are:

  • Cottage Cheese (The casein protein helps you digest slower and feel satisfied longer.)
  • Broccoli (High in fiber, low in calories… what more can you want?)
  • Sardines (High protein and omega3 boosts the functioning of your metabolism.)
  • Beans (Protein reduces cravings, while fiber improves metabolism function.)
  • Turkey (Store more muscle mass with this protein-rich, low-calorie food.)
  • Oranges (With antioxidants and high fiber, you’ll be cutting back on adipose tissue soon.)
  • Whole Grains (Boost your metabolism with the high fiber, vitamins and minerals.)
  • Milk (Calcium stimulates the metabolism to get working at once.)
  • Hot Peppers (You can burn up to 1,000 extra calories by adding spice to your life.)
  • Green Tea & Coffee (Coffee and 90 mg of tea’s “EGCG” 3x a day helps burn 80 more calories.)

If you’re concerned about weight loss, revving up your metabolism and building more muscle, contact NYC nutritionist, Carly Feigan, who can develop a fully customized meal plan that works for your body and your personal goals.

Image by Donnaphoto