Healthy Ways to Speed Up the Metabolism

NYC Nutritionist

So what exactly is the definition of metabolism?  We hear this term frequently and often wonder what exactly is the metabolism.

The definition of metabolism is the sum of all of the chemical reactions that take place in every cell of a living organism providing energy for the processes of life and synthesizing new cellular material, in other words, what does it take to speed up this process?  I will touch on only the healthy and natural ways in which to accomplish this.

The first method is the obvious method which is attained by exercise (aerobic, which temporarily boosts the metabolism, and with strength training which more permanently boosts the metabolism). When we do a fair amount of strength training i.e., 2 hours per week we can sustain a long term metabolic boost whereas with cardiovascular training, of the same duration will result in a temporary metabolic boost. You will need to sustain your level of cardiovascular (aerobic exercise) in order to sustain a higher metabolic rate.

I am not suggesting that you should abandon your cardio routine and start strength training. I am suggesting however that you maintain more consistent and frequent cardio sessions to accomplish the same results, i.e., 4-5 30-40 min cardio sessions per week may be required.

The only other healthy way to boost your metabolism is to consume the equivalent of 15 cups of green tea (decaffeinated is preferable) per day. The catechins in green tea are responsible for speeding up the metabolism, not the caffeine. So if you don’t want to brew 15 cups of green tea, you don’t have to. Try Herbasway Herbagreen Tea Concentrate in Mandarin Mango, or any comparable brand. And simply put 1 dropperful into 6 oz of water 1-2x per day and you have drank the equivalent of 15-20 cups of decaffeinated green tea.

It tastes good too, and you will enjoy using it.

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