Holiday Survival Guide

NYC Nutritionist10 Tips on How to Eat, Drink, Stay Healthy (and possibly lose a few pounds) During the Holidays
  1. If you eat breakfast and lunch and snack before you go to a holiday dinner.. you will eat less (don’t save your calories).
  1. Find lean protein and green veggies and you will always be safe.
  1. Drink clear distilled alcohol: vodka, clear rum, tequila, sake, rather than wine.. you will not gain weight.
  1. Use low-fat dressing, not fat free (loaded with salt, sugar and chemicals).
  1. Eat complex starch (avoid all white starches) in small portion: sweet potato, brown rice, wild rice, quinoa, etc.
  1. Follow the 70/30 guideline; 70 percent of your meal should be lean, and green, then 30% should be everything else.
  1. Do aerobic exercise for at least 30-40 mins before or after your holiday meals. (You will burn most of your extra calories)
  1. Only eat dairy products in the morning, dairy does not metabolize well…
  1. When travelling bring your own healthy snacks, so you are not tempted by random foods that will not help you.
  1. Carry a protein bar with you, if you are not sure what foods will be served, ie: Thin Thin bar 20gms Protein, 220 Cal, or a Clif Builders bar, 20 gms of protein, 270 calories, or a South Beach Fit bar, 140 cal, 8 gms of protein, or a Zone Perfect bar, 210 cal or 190 cal, 10 gms of protein.

Image by Urban Woodswalker

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