Is Exercise more important than Diet? or Vice Versa?

You can’t out-work out a poor diet,”  this is the bottom line when it comes to maintaining a healthy body. Nutrition and exercise are both important parts of losing weight and building muscle. Nutritional habits will have a  greater impact on your body comp  and physical goals than any other fitness component. When a combination of exercise and healthy nutrition are implemented, this is when effective changes in body composition occurs.

A person can change their body composition through diet alone without exercise. However, it’s the combination of both that provides a complete healthy body. Applying the 70 percent nutrition to 30 percent fitness guideline is simply a statement of the importance of nutrition in the equation.

We have all seen the people at the gym doing the same thing day in and day out for several months or even years without seeing results. They are not making headway in changing their body composition because they do not have nutrition plan. That is what is holding them back from reaching their weight and fitness goals.

Let’s take 70/30 out of the equation for now and apply some common sense to exercise and nutrition. The normal exerciser may do 3 to 4 weight training sessions and 3 to 4 cardio workouts per week.  A total of  8 sessions per week.

This gives 8  chances to make a positive change in your body with exercise. This person eats 3 clean meals per day. If knowledgeable in the value of meal spacing, they may eat 5 to 6 times per day.

This example shows twenty one  to thirty chances per week to positively impact fat burning and  muscle building with sound nutrition.

Utilizing the above example, nutrition wins in body comp improvement opportunities through nutrition. The percentage does come in at around seventy percent.

This leaves thirty percent of body comp enhancement due to  exercise. The assessment of diet versus exercise is fairly accurate given the numbers.

It also indicates if you want to look good, applying seventy percent of your focus to eating right is a necessary component. There is something to “you are what you eat” and how it relates to making positive body composition improvements.

Your diet will be the most important factor in how you look.