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Quick and Easy Liver and Kidney Detox

A quick and easy gentle liver and kidney detox: first thing in the AM, drink a 12 oz. glass of warm spring water with a pinch of cayenne pepper, and the juice of 1/2 of a lemon. Everyday you’ll have clearer skin, more energy, etc.

Eat an Orange Instead of Drinking Orange Juice

If you wake up in the morning and crave a glass of orange juice, have an orange instead. It has 5x the amount of fiber, more vitamin C, and will not spike your blood sugar… try it and see for yourself.

Eat Black Licorice to Treat Acid Reflux

Next time you have acid reflux, try black licorice. Yes, the extract in black licorice is called glizzyrizin, which has demulcent properties, which will not only absorb the acid but also heal the lining of the esophagus. Try Panda Brand black licorice, or if you want tablets, go to the nearest health food store and… Read more »

Try Organic Broccoli for Better Taste

Next time you go to the grocery store and avoid buying broccoli because you just don’t like the taste, try buying organic broccoli; you’ll be surprised how different it tastes. Chances are you’ll like it much better. The taste of broccoli is generally about the taste of the pesticides, not the broccoli.

Take Vitamin B-1 to Mosquito Proof Your Body

Did you ever wonder how you can mosquito proof your body without using harsh chemicals? Take 100-200 mgs. of Vitamin B-1 the day before, and during exposure to mosquitos, they will be turned off by the smell.