Exercising and not Losing weight? Here’s Why…

So you invested money in a nice gym, or you have treated yourself to working with a personal trainer.

Now you feel like you will finally ​nailed this weight loss issue. You commit to going to the gym, or working out with a trainer, 3-4 or 5 x per week you want to lose about 20 lbs.

You feel great about yourself, your commitment, and you are optimistic about reaching your goals.

Fast forward 3 months, you are working out with a fantastic trainer, twice a week, and doing cardio on 3 other days.

Working your tail off, literally and figuratively and you have not lost a pound.. You have lost an inch off your waist, but that’s it.

What gives?

You rack your brain wondering why this new investment of time and money, is not paying off.

Then it occurs to you.. could it be your diet?

Synchronizing your diet with your exercise routine, is more than a critical factor in achieving your weight goals.

It is essential! 

Why is this the most overlooked piece of the puzzle? It is because, it is easier to add something to our lives to help us believe we can meet our goals. But to restructure, or re organize our diet, seems daunting. We think.. how can changing my diet, have a profound effect on my results?  It can, here’s how.

1) If you are not consuming enough calories, and you are exercising regularly, your are holding on to weight, there needs to be enough calories, to convert into energy, in  order to burn them efficiently .


2) If you are eating too much protein and not enough fat or complex carbs, you will lose inches more rapidly then you will lose weight. You are generating lean muscle mass, at a faster rate than you are burning calories. Muscle weighs more than fat. So you will notice that your clothes fit slightly better, but the scale is not indicating any weight loss.


3) If you are eating too much fat, or too many calories, then you are not going to lose weight, there needs to be a calorie deficit, based on your height, weight, age, and type of activity, level, etc. The missing link is getting the food right.

Next step: 

Either go online, and find a few websites that will help you to calculate the correct number of calories needed per day to lose weight. and then there are websites that will help you to figure out your protein fat carb grams per day.


Hire an excellent Nutritionist who specializes in weight management. Which is what we do at Headtohealth.

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