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Why Does A Low Glycemic Diet Designed For Diabetics Help You Lose Weight?

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As we all know, diabetics cannot metabolize glucose and certain carbohydrates very well. Whether you are a Type l or Type ll diabetic, you still need to watch what you eat very carefully. First, I will define “low glycemic” foods, for those of you who are new to the lingo. Low glycemic foods are foods… Read more »

Eliminating Empty Calories For Weight Loss

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What are empty calories? We hear this term repeatedly and never quite get what exactly empty calories are. These are calories that give us a burst of energy but have no nutritional value to the body, They are not nutritionally balanced. You can say unnecessary calories is a more accurate term for this type of… Read more »

Benefits of Working with a Nutritionist for Weight Loss

Nutritionist Weight Loss

When you seem to be yoyo dieting and not getting to your weight loss goal, or you are losing weight and then gaining it back faster than you put it on, it’s time for professional help. There are several ways to approach the problem. 1) Try a commercialized diet plan like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig,… Read more »